First In-Dream Reality Check

I dreamt my first lucid dream in a while last night. I realized I was dreaming simply by remembering myself falling asleep in bed… then suddenly I was driving in a small car that clearly I didn’t own or remember renting. I got out of the car, thinking I was going to try flying. But then I remembered I should test to see what reality checks work.

In that dream anyway, I found that the two-fingers in hand method did not work–my hand was solid. However, I found I was still able to breathe when I plugged my nose, so that’s likely a more reliable test to use. I think I was just barely under, as the sound of my CPAP came through when I plugged my nose and (successfully) took a breath. I woke up shortly after.

But then I repeated the method as I fell back asleep, and found myself in a hall full of partyers.  It was a large log structure, over two stories high.  I willed myself to rise up to the ceiling.  I began rising, but found it harder the higher I rose.  I barely got to the level of the ceiling when I needed to head back down.  I was able to control my descent, until I touched the floor like a feature.  I lost lucidity for the rest of the dream, the details of which are rather fuzzy.

These dreams didn’t come about by accident.  This is a direct result of my knowledge in how to induce lucid dreams.  I woke up in the middle of the night.  As I fell asleep, I concentrated on the scenes of my last (non-lucid) dream, all the while repeating in my mind that the next time I dream, I will know I was dreaming.  Goes to show the method I learned worked, at least for me.

Lucid Dream: Floating in a Grocery Store

My second lucid dream since starting to train myself.  Dreamt June 26, 2016.

I’m not sure if this is the start of the same dream, but I watched from a mountainous resort behind a glass wall.  In the distance a black plume of smoke suddenly rose from a distant mountain.  A few seconds later a white circle grew from it–a shock wave.  Apparently a volcano was erupting, and the pyroclastic flow was approaching fast.  I could see people outside noticing, and then running.  I knew they had no chance of outrunning this thing.  It came on fast, and when it hit the glass wall, my “scene” suddenly changed.

It might have been a back-to-back dream.

So then I found myself in a mall with my wife.  I left her at the entrance of the mall, as I went to the restroom.  I only went in to wash my hands, and then I headed back to the entrance.  I passed a grocery store and went in.  This mall was in a different country, and I had a tradition in my dream that I would bring home coffee from every country I visit (not a bad idea, I might start doing that in real life).  I browsed around the store a bit.

As I walked I saw a few Buddhist people I had not seen in a long time.  We greeted each other as we passed (in real life, I have no idea who those people were).  I glanced out of the store’s door and windows and noticed my wife walking by, probably to check out a store while she waited for me.  Thinking she might be getting impatient, I decided to find the coffee and get going, rather than browsing.

I found the coffee in a refrigerated bin, among blocks of cheese and ice cream bars.  I had to wedge myself passed some kids looking at the ice cream.  The coffee were small vacuum-sealed blocks, three different roasts, light, medium, and dark.  I wanted the dark, but I found the packs a little too malleable–they didn’t seem adequately vacuum-packed.  I rummaged a little but the three or four I could find were the same.

I thought I remembered seeing more coffee on a shelf nearby, so I went back there and checked.  There was nothing where there used to be coffee.  So I went back to the bin, and decided I’ll just get the best one of the few I saw.  The kids were still there, but they were holding an ice cream bar or two–no coffee.  But when I started rummaging again, the dark  roasts were gone.  There were a few light and medium, mixed in with blocks of cheese.  In my rummaging I ended up burying the other packs of coffee under the cheese.  I gave up looking for the dark roast, and decided to get medium.  But when I took the cheese off the coffee, they were gone.  Just one light, and then that was gone too.

As I stood there holding a block of marble cheese, I thought it very strange that they would disappear like that.  It didn’t take a reality check to realize I was dreaming.  I turned to a couple and made the announcement that I was dreaming.  They just stared.  I turned around and saw one one of the managers from my real life office.  I said to her, “So, shall I try to fly?”  She shook her head and said “No.”  I ignored her.

I remembered from a past dream my success of flight was floating a foot off the ground.  So I put my arms out and did a belly-flop on the grocery store floor.  Sure enough I stopped falling a foot above the floor.  I waved my arms as if I were swimming in a pool, and that was enough to move around.

I wanted to go higher than a foot, but waving my arms to “swim” upward didn’t work.  So I continued to explore floating.  I opened a door at the opposite end of the shop, and went through it.  The other side was a completely featureless hallway.  I kept going, and then I found myself awake.


I found it rather interesting that the other side of the door lacked all feature, when the rest of the dream was so feature-rich.  I was in a mall bustling with people, several shops.  The grocery store was filled with various products.  Yet that hall lacked all feature.  It’s as if my subconscience didn’t intend for that door to be opened, but when I became lucid, I broke the rules of the dream.  Maybe the hallway was the way out of the dream, and that if I had turned around, I could’ve stayed in the dream longer.

Dream: The End Of The World?

This is the first dream I’m recording on my blog.  As I remember dreams, and remember them long enough to get around to blogging them, they will appear in the Dream Journal category.  I’m currently taking a good look at lucid dreaming, something that has happened by accident to me maybe half a dozen times in my life.  For those who know about lucid dreaming, I’m practicing the MILD technique, with prospective memory cues for reality check reminders.

My dreams may also appear in a future short story or novel, as I think they could potentially be good fiction material.  I already have an old dream slated for my upcoming novel (to be completed when I finish writing it–hopefully by the end of 2017).  A short story I hope to complete by the end of this year includes the earliest dream I can remember vividly (I was 8 years old when I dreamt it).

Here’s the first installment, and the most recent, dreamt on May 17, 2016.  I’ll add previous dreams that I currently have journaled elsewhere.  Here we go…


I was with some friends and at least one co-worker, coming out of some sort of trade show or conference in a city far from home. My co-worker Michael and I were walking across a road, and I think we might have been looking for a geocache. Ground zero was supposedly a secret NASA announcement plaque, and Michael was insistent that he make the find first. We spotted a tall sign on the opposite side of a ravine about ten feet deep. It looked like a rocket, and had the NASA logo. We went down into the ravine and crossed to the other side for a close look. The slope wasn’t too steep–we had to make a running start to climb the other side.

When we got close enough to read what the plaque said, the sign morphed into a monitor, showing a video. It announced the discovery of a new gas giant planet on the outskirts of the solar system. It was twice the mass of Jupiter and located in the Kuiper Belt past Pluto’s orbit.

At this point Michael left, and I stood there watching the video. The planet was shown to be located in the direction of the Pleiades star cluster. As I looked up in the sky, it darkened, and the Pleiades was prominent right above the sign. As I watched, a new star seemed to appear and brighten. The sky was a bit cloudy, but though the clouds got close to the cluster, they never went in front. Gradually those clouds turned green and arced toward the horizon of the sky.

That’s when the new “star” brightened dramatically, as if the new planet was exploding. It then dimmed, there was a short meteor shower, and the show seemed to be over. The green clouds formed a point toward one direction of the horizon. I decided I should leave, so I tried to climb up the other side of the ravine. I took several running starts, each time not quite making it to the top, and the sandy dirt sinking me back down. Finally, I got to the top, and I was about to walk to the building where the trade show was, as I had my car parked there.

But then the green clouds opened up to reveal a large fireball. It landed several blocks away in a bright flash with a huge orange explosion rising up into the sky. A meteorite impacted. I saw the shock wave approach, so I made a run for it, back into the ravine. Looking for a place to take cover, I passed a blonde woman cowering among some rubble on the ravine floor. Thinking that rubble wouldn’t be enough, I kept running. I spotted a small alcove along the wall of the ravine and headed towards it.

Once I got there, a green wooden door covered the entrance to a cave. It took only a few shoulder checks to break it open, and in I went. The blonde woman seemingly agreed with the inadequacy of that rubble and had been running behind me. She followed me in. We shut the door, and found ourselves in pitch darkness. I thought of using my phone for a flashlight, but decided it would drain the battery too fast. Whenever that shock wave would pass, I wanted to see if I could get a cell signal to call my wife, though I was sure all the cell towers and power would be toast. But yah never know..

I started going back towards the door to see if I could open it a crack and get some light in, but the woman blocked my way. She knew opening the door would mean certain death.  When I turned around to face the cave, it suddenly lit up bright orange. The shock wave and intense fire reached the other side of the cave, revealing a grand entrance adorned with circular columns and triangular stones at the top, like the front of the Greek temple, but from inside. The entrance was about 1/2-mile away on the opposite side of a huge circular cavern.  It looked like a pit mine, but with a thick stone roof.

Fire and embers were penetrating the entrance. The sound was a low rumble with sparks of fiery embers shooting into the cave. Each ember shooting in sounded like gunfire. The entrance seemed to have kept the shock wave at bay, other than the spitting sparks and intense heat. I was afraid of moving into the cave from the door we came through due to the heat and the sparks.

The cave was a large pit with gentle slopes leading down into the cave. The woman had more courage than I did and started descending a slope into a pit on the side. I decided that was probably best, because sooner or later that door we came through would burn and disintegrate. We were trapped in a cave with a firestorm outside.

I wondered how big the meteorite was. Would the devastation reach home? Would my wife survive? I wasn’t sure, but I was sure she would think I was dead once news of the impact reached her. Whenever the fires subsided and cooled, I would have to find a way home, or at least some place I could get word to her. I woke up as I started following the woman down the slope.

Flash Fiction Challenge: “Harold’s Sneeze”

Last week, Chuck Wendig asked his readers to post an opening line.

This week’s challenge was to take an opening line from last week’s challenge and write a story with it.

I chose “Little did Harold know that the sneeze he was about to experience would bring about the end of humanity and the world as he knew it.” by poorerdick. Enjoy!

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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Lay Down and Shut Up!”

My first submission for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

This challenge involves a random cocktail name. Whatever cocktail randomly comes up, its name will be the title of the story. I got “Lay Down and Shut Up!”, consisting of Jägermeister, Hot Damn, Kahlua, and cream.  Enjoy the story!

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