First In-Dream Reality Check

I dreamt my first lucid dream in a while last night. I realized I was dreaming simply by remembering myself falling asleep in bed… then suddenly I was driving in a small car that clearly I didn’t own or remember renting. I got out of the car, thinking I was going to try flying. But then I remembered I should test to see what reality checks work.

In that dream anyway, I found that the two-fingers in hand method did not work–my hand was solid. However, I found I was still able to breathe when I plugged my nose, so that’s likely a more reliable test to use. I think I was just barely under, as the sound of my CPAP came through when I plugged my nose and (successfully) took a breath. I woke up shortly after.

But then I repeated the method as I fell back asleep, and found myself in a hall full of partyers. It was a large log structure, over two stories high. I willed myself to rise up to the ceiling. I began rising, but found it harder the higher I rose. I barely got to the level of the ceiling when I needed to head back down. I was able to control my descent, until I touched the floor like a feature. I lost lucidity for the rest of the dream, the details of which are rather fuzzy.

These dreams didn’t come about by accident. This is a direct result of my knowledge in how to induce lucid dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night. As I fell asleep, I concentrated on the scenes of my last (non-lucid) dream, all the while repeating in my mind that the next time I dream, I will know I was dreaming. Goes to show the method I learned worked, at least for me.


3 thoughts on “First In-Dream Reality Check

  1. Hello Andrew T,

    Thank you for sharing your experiments and experiences and dreams, this should help some people increase their chances of lucid dreaming, and it was kind of you to share this.

    So far I have never tried the breathing reality check in a dream yet, I did get the look at my hands and count my fingers reality check to work before, and I also once got the ask a dream character if I am dreaming reality check to work before.

    Like you for you there are some common reality checks that did not work for me.

    -John Jr


      • I think that I counted my fingers one-at-a-time, looked away, and looked back at them and then maybe I noticed that my hands and/or fingers looked a bit strange (but I can not remember in what way) and then I realized that I was dreaming; I almost never look at my hands in my dreams, and so getting to try that reality check was a rare occurrence.

        You are welcome Andrew T.

        Another reality check that I want to test one day is the gravity reality check where you jump in the air to see if gravity is working normally or not, supposedly in dreams you might float or take longer to fall again, but I do not think that I have gotten a chance to test this yet.

        Some reality checks that did not work for me include: trying to read text and time and/or look away from the text/time and look back to see if it changes (in my dreams I can usually read text/time and it usually stays the same when I look away and look back), and maybe the light switch reality check (I normally do not have or notice light switches in my dreams, but I think that they have worked in a few of the times that I actually tried one but I could be wrong).

        -John Jr


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