Lucid Dream: Floating in a Grocery Store

My second lucid dream since starting to train myself.  Dreamt June 26, 2016.

I’m not sure if this is the start of the same dream, but I watched from a mountainous resort behind a glass wall.  In the distance a black plume of smoke suddenly rose from a distant mountain.  A few seconds later a white circle grew from it–a shock wave.  Apparently a volcano was erupting, and the pyroclastic flow was approaching fast.  I could see people outside noticing, and then running.  I knew they had no chance of outrunning this thing.  It came on fast, and when it hit the glass wall, my “scene” suddenly changed.

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Dream: The End Of The World?

This is the first dream I’m recording on my blog.  As I remember dreams, and remember them long enough to get around to blogging them, they will appear in the Dream Journal category.  I’m currently taking a good look at lucid dreaming, something that has happened by accident to me maybe half a dozen times in my life.  For those who know about lucid dreaming, I’m practicing the MILD technique, with prospective memory cues for reality check reminders.

My dreams may also appear in a future short story or novel, as I think they could potentially be good fiction material.  I already have an old dream slated for my upcoming novel (to be completed when I finish writing it).  A short story I hope to complete soon includes the earliest dream I can remember vividly (I was 8 years old when I dreamt it).

Here’s the first installment, and the most recent, dreamt on May 17, 2016.  I’ll add previous dreams that I currently have journaled elsewhere.  Here we go…

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