Harold’s Sneeze, Revised

Last night for the first time I submitted a story to a contest.  I didn’t know about the contest until a few weeks ago, so I couldn’t find time to create something new, but since Writer’s Digest excludes personal blogs as a “published” source, I was able to submit a story I previously posted.  Made it just under the wire–the contest closes tonight.


I chose Harold’s Sneeze as my story.  I needed to shorten it to under 1500 words per the requirements, and then my wife did some major editing.  Hopefully what I sent is good enough for a win.

So, here’s the revised version of Harold’s Sneeze (formatting used for submission removed).

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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Harold’s Sneeze”

Last week, Chuck Wendig asked his readers to post an opening line. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2015/04/10/flash-fiction-challenge-time-again-to-write-an-opening-sentence/

This week’s challenge was to take an opening line from last week’s challenge and write a story with it. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2015/04/17/flash-fiction-challenge-pick-an-opening-sentence-and-go/

I chose “Little did Harold know that the sneeze he was about to experience would bring about the end of humanity and the world as he knew it.” by poorerdick. Enjoy!

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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Lay Down and Shut Up!”

My first submission for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge.


This challenge involves a random cocktail name. Whatever cocktail randomly comes up, its name will be the title of the story. I got “Lay Down and Shut Up!”, consisting of Jägermeister, Hot Damn, Kahlua, and cream.  Enjoy the story!

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